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The European Institute for Workplace Dynamics (IWD)

The Company

The Institute (IWD) dedicated to improved Workplace Interactions & greater Peace at Work 

is introducing an integrated awareness and management system to Workplace Dynamics based on:

Conflict  awareness and resolution, with an accreditation process and  workshops on the Conflict Dynamics Model (CDP, BCC)

Stress management, with an accreditation process and  workshops on the Organizational Stress Inventory (OSI-R)

Resilience reinforcement, with an accreditation process  and workshops on  the Resilience At Work Scale (RAW-S)

Mindfulness approach, with  seminars on Stress Reduction & Resilience Reinforcement (MBSR)


The training & certification sessions put the emphasis on the understanding of the dynamics at work in workplaces,

on the quality of feedback given on each of its instruments

It allows the certified person to purchase the tests, 

& to recommend focused development objectives for individuals and teams