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Do you think you’ve got a tough job? How do you face difficult people or tough situations at your workplace?

Working life can be seen as a series of problems or demands which require adaptation from us. To be effective to cope with these demands, we already have a set of skills present in our own arsenal that can be associated with internal and external resources. Examples of our resources could be a well-developed problem solving technique or a regular practice of meditation. Examples of resources are money or collaborators who can help us.

When demands are greater than our skills or resources, we will feel stressed; but we can also feel stress because of boredom or routine.

The response we make to a stressful situation will be affected by our view of it. The way we think is able to change the way we cope; both in a more effective or a less effective manner.

In this short approach, we will note that coping capacities must be trained and are fairly long process to obtain.

Aims of the seminar

  1. To provide a model for understanding stress and strain
  2. To develop understanding of the mental, physical, emotional and behavioral aspects of strain.
  3. To improve the recognition of the effects of stress.
  4. To provide techniques to rethink stressors so as to reduce their impact.
  5. To provide practice in using techniques for coping with stress.

Content of a one day seminar

  1. Introduction
  2. The superman cape – Who am I?
  3. Internal and external demands
  4. Dizzy and Ernest – The way I behave!
  5. Appraisal – To understand
  6. Realism – To analyze
  7. Signs of strain – To detect
  8. Model – To understand
  9. Appraisal 2 – Emotions/Thoughts and behaviors
  10. Problem – To do
  11. Meditation – To be
  12. Coping strategies